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Debt consolidation allows you to combine all your debt from different credit providers into one convenient debt.
Benefit from one affordable monthly installment and reduced interest rates.
Let us help you manage your debt more effectively and reduce the hassles and stress of
dealing with different credit providers.

Representative example: a R70 000 consolidation loan at an interest rate of 24.0% per annum plus a once-off initiation fee of R1 207.50, monthly admin fee of R69.00, Insurance premium of R284.83, with a repayment term of 72 months would have a total cost of approximately R155 263.57 (Including initiation fees). The maximum annual interest rate (APR) on a long-term loan in South Africa is around 28.25% p.a. Repayment terms can be as long as up to 72 months. LoanDirect is an online loan broker and is not a lender by any means. We work with NCR licensed institutes. Interest rates (APR) charged by lenders varies depending on your risk profile but can be as high as 28.25% and generally as low as 20% per annum with monthly service fees of R69. Initiation fee on credit facilities (credit cards and store cards), personal loans and short-term credit transactions are e calculated as follows: R165 plus 10% of the amount in excess of R1 000, capped at a maximum fee of R1 050..

Representative Cost of a Consolidation Loan over different terms
Loan amount Loan term Interest rate(APR) Service fee Initial fee Total repayment Credit Insurance Monthly Instalment
R250 000 72 24% R69 R1 207.5 R535 181.76 R1 004.83 R7 433.08
R200 000 72 24% R69 R1 207.5 R429 650.43 R804.83 R5 967.37
R150 000 60 24% R69 R1 207.5 R291 012.86 604.83 4 850.21